The Tourist

To collect photographs is to collect the world.  - Susan Sontag

'The Tourist' explores reproductive processes and plays on the construction of place through found images, tokens, maps, postcards and travel guides. 

Some images can be potent talismans in evoking powerful ideas and memories of place. 


"The quiet and leisure I was now enjoying, I made use of further in arranging and working out many things which I had commenced in days of the wildest confusion.  I read over and revised my chromatic papers: drew various diagrams for my colour-tables, which I altered repeatedly, in order to make clearer what I wished to represent and maintain."  

-  Trèves October 1792, "Miscellaneous Travels of J.W. Goethe", p169

"Wish you were here" are a series of Django Fontina postcards which are a type of postcard written and posted to strangers as a means of distributing poetry.  The typed poems reconfigures text from old postcards, most dating from the 1970s that were sent from popular tourist destinations around Britain.  The postcards forming the "Wish you were here" series are in pairs, each poem accompanied by a continuous-line drawing of a map identifying the location described.

Participants were invited to contribute a Lonely Planet guide from their own personal library to create a book installation "Passages".  The collective travel anthology looks at memory, accumulation of personal experience and published summation of locations.  They were asked to identify a couple key locations they found memorable.  The books in the collection are well travelled and used; the books themselves have been faithful travel companions, taken around the world to places like India, Colombia, Thailand and Russia.  Others books remain pristine, reminders of places participants dream of going to one day, but for now sit on their shelves.


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